Sunday, August 14, 2011

Since 2003


my other half

8 years since we first met.

Since 2003 bukan bercinta ok. Telah kenal cuma. It only has been 2 weeks that we have confirmed that we will complete each other.


my other half 2


Sebab itu lah caption gambar invitation-for-bff  kami berbunyi begini:-


If our roads lead us to the same way

then I’ll see you at the crossroad

we don’t have to travel together

we just have to arrive at the same destination

Looks like that we’ve bumped to each other at the crossroad Winking smilejaycinoi

Rujuk SINI


I am glad that it all happened. Thank you Allah.




Cinoi xo



Jay Minerva said...

Love u so much... @}---

miya said...

so sweet la..