Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jay’s Birthday Celebration


It was just a small party.

Happened on the late evening August 18th, 2011. Ya ya!! I know. This was such a very lazy late update. But still, I wanted to update, just for the record. So sometimes in the future, I can review it back, who knows I might get amnesia. Ahahaha palis-palis.

Anyway, back to the small party. It was actually a birthday dinner at Upperstar. Please refer my actual plan HERE. 2011-08-18 22.48.13

And I suddenly ordered a slice of cake for the dessert. And put a small candle on it. Oh yes, I bring the candle earlier, from home.2011-08-18 23.15.49

Oh itu muka tunang cover malu. Biar kau sana.

And after the blow-the-candle-cut-the-cake ceremony. I handed him the birthday gift, which he didn’t know that I bring it in my handbag and makes my bag looks all hard and big. He didn’t even know when I bought it. Hah! Because we were together the whole day, the day before and the day before and the day before.

2011-08-18 23.17.47

Guess what’s inside??


Anyway, Happy Birthday again Tunang!


And this is the after party picture.

2011-08-19 00.24.23


Till then love.



FionaHafiz said...

Its empty but youll going to put lots of love N hope inside.

Cinoi said...

Uii kauu ni apdet blog bahhh