Monday, January 30, 2012

6 wonderful months


Yes. 6 months since we get engaged. And few more months to end this relationship status and upgrade to a new one, InsyaAllah.

Thanks for your courage to stay during my worst and my best. I hate it when you were mad at me back when I was mad at you, of course not every time, but still, target zero please hehe. We are still learning though, for me to control my temper and you to learn to pujuk, ask around, we have lots of friends to refer to. HAHA.  I know that most guys have no idea when they have to pujuk and how to do it. I’m learning you. And still a lot to learn.


Is your favourite colour blue? (yes you like blue kan, sudah tahu)
Do you always tell the truth? (yes also)
Do you believe in outerspace? (maybe)
And im learning you

And if you dont mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
and Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I’d love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

p20120130-115147 Love you for a thousand (years) more


Jay Minerva said...

Is your favourite colour blue?
yeah! but since I'm with you i love pink too hehe..

Do you always tell the truth?
i need your assessment... U know me better than I am. so what do U think about me dear? wink wink!

Do you believe in outerspace?
... what is outerspace means to you?

Dear ayang, u complete me. and now i have someone to share everything i've experienced, my feeling. remember dear, when we dare to argue things, means we allow ourselves to share our point of view. means we don't need to think about the border of our relationship. susah jgk mau ckp kan, by pun kadang2 ndak sedar yang by ni ckp kasar sikit, but sbnrnya i'm not intend to... sabar je la ya yang... Let me improve...

Chii said...

betul! lelaki perlu blajar utk pujuk. sbb tu la aku slalu merajuk n marah2. supaya beno cpt pandai. haha.

Cinoi said...

hehe malu2 plak aku baca komen mu wahahahaha.

Haha sama kita. Padahal bg aku lah, bukan susah pn mau pujuk, pujuk la bah. Sng bah klu dorg tau cmna mau tackle. Bahahahaha

Chii said...

iya. aku pun heran apa yg susahnya. klu aku ckp 'say something sweet'. clueless tu. mati kutu terus. hahaha

beaty said...

ha ha fiance sa faham sa betul dia tau sa kalau being sulky ni..he he ada lah dia pujik2 tu

komen c jay kan adeh romantik ahh

Writing From Far said...

dulu sa pun suka merajuk and mrh2 sama bf sa..klu sa merajuk dia ( bf) pun merajuk klu sa marah dia (bf) buat budu last2 bila sa buat budu dia marah tahap gaban..susa tul mo paham lelaki ni..