Monday, June 13, 2011

The road to the beginning starts today

I officially started this blog today.

The road to the beginning.
Beginning of a new life as two.
I know I am still far from that, what matter now is I already see the way.

InsyaAllah, if God wills, everything will work as it planned, and will plan.

For this time being, this blog is private. Readable only for me and my other half. Eh wow I just said "my other half". Teeheeee.

Till then.

With Love,


Chii said...

I'm ur 2nd follower! Hehe..aku pun ada blog private yg dibaca oleh aku n encik bf jak..tmpt aku praktis klaka swak.. :))

Cinoi Lavigne said...

Chii good good. TP 2nd follower ka 1st ka teda hadiah ahahaha.
Nah aku xda suda blog privte sbb ini pun dikasi public sudaa. tretttt

nieja said...

ok dah habis khatam baca haha..